Mneumonik E​.​P.

by Becoming Myth

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Skylar Dryden
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Skylar Dryden It is a sin that more people don't know about this band. The lyrics are brilliant and the music is just amazing. Give them a listen. Favorite track: Lore of the Lost.
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released March 22, 2016

All music written and performed by Becoming Myth

Marco Puga - Guitar
James Cline - Guitar
Zach Faber - Bass
Josh Wedel - Drums
Ryan Green - Vocals

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob Swanson
Artwork by Hanna Myers
Logo by Chris Horst



all rights reserved


Becoming Myth Modesto, California

We are a progressive death metal band. Our music is crafted by combining the varied influences of each member and making something original.

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Track Name: Lore of the Lost
To pick the lock your heart must fully stop. Her echoing words; a fiendish plague. Horrendously insinuating rhythmically. How could I forget when your roots lie deep in my head? Alas, I mumble with animosity. That premeditated line of which my life's defined.

A cold sweat breaks from my brow. Letting the streets take everything away from me. Will he appear? A sight of clouded fear. A subtle welcoming cough, this is where I belong.

Desperate to save this hope, to surely end this hoax. A book be bound by love and secrecy that I have sewn. Into my flesh engrained, I'll flip through every page. No doubt be cast down from this stage.

"This is a damn joke, it's fucking got to be! I'm tired and I'm wading through a sea of deadly men who wish to end me and steal my beloveds ancestry." The air seemed cold and honest for it's reply was the wind whipping through the trees. Still subtlely grazing my flesh, I can't help but sob.

In these few brief moments the sounds of death and the stench of life call out to me. A face so familiar, a chase so predictable. A body so much like bones that can no longer hold up this host. A street that lies forgotten and as dead as my lovely widow. A street that lies forgotten and as dead as my lovely, yet rotting widow.

"Oh I just love how you run! It makes my job all the more fun watching you try to hide!" Yes, I ran, book in thine hand. If he were to gaze at the relic, what would he find? Is it not for the truest of eyes?

I cut through the alleyways so beautifully and perfect just as I had before. A disgusting attempt, I grunt. "That lowlife, tonight's no different than the last!" A blade's course guided through the stillborn night. No to take out my sight but to alleviate his blight. A cut of the ear, a scream that I could hardly hear. To fall to my knees, how could there be dignity left? Like blood, could it be dripping into the puddles of my undying love or fueling murderous lust? In my dismay, the book had fallen far from the palm of my hand.

Smiling still, the assailant grabs the lore of the lost assuming his dream's fulfilled. It's very essence secretes euphoria out of him. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" His maddened prize is my calling to survive. I mustn't tarnish a legacy.

I struggled just to stand. Blood flowing from my head. Dulling my senses. A numbed ecstasy swallows me whole. Blood; such a monotonous thought. A beginning and an end.

I lick my crimson hand just to spit it into his eyes, for his demise I took my dagger and shoved it inside him. "Oh Grubbs I just love how you die." A twist of the blade... to the depths he'll descend.

Blood; the key all along. No longer must I wait for this. to my home, alone. I'll open it there at last. My love, I feel so ashamed. For this is what keeps me sane. A betrayal of all you and your family has died for. Although I broke my word I feel an inner warmth. I turn the cover for the first and last time. As I ponder at the first torn page her face stared blank. Life faded away... you were always mine.
Track Name: Becoming Myth
Open my eyes to find this life has been a lie
I am no longer relevant
Cast aside this disguise that shields these deadly tides
Take me away with the current
I'll drift until I lift up from this massive mist
It's intentions were pure but sick
I cannot forget the waves and how they allure me

Disintegrating into an oblivion it seems
Bleed; the blackness envelops me
All along the seams it's dripping... beckoning.

Transform to death. (To death)
Becoming myth. (This myth)

I take form amidst the fire exempt from moisture a feral pyre
Singe my skin before the moment of flaying
Tainted disguise I remove this sickly beating hard prolonged and shrude
Insatiable my hourglass begins to tip
I scream a deafened shriek
I lay ever so weak
Crawl back
Falling back.
I loathe this horrid curse
I wait for my life to burn away
Another consuming climax

What is this wretched place?
An abomination of my once called fate?
Twist perverse into a diluted glass
Filled with the remnants of a tired past.
What is another chance?
Embraced by the end with somber hands
Carry me, hold me, lift me, center me...
These palms I despise thee.

Dropped off in a desert of desolation
No voices carry in the mist of the dead
Footsteps grow louder with every step that I walk
Shadows stream across the sand.
Unknown are those
They lie awry disposed
Reanimate to distinguish my life from death

Scorned; thine manic archetype reborn
An archaic will to be sodomized by the fleshy, yet ripe empty corpse
Thine pieces of hell streaking the floor.
Oh I perpetuate now ever more
Bloodletting from this vivid gore

Anathematized to a growth far beyond the trees
Bestowed unto me
I am assuring blasphemy
Rooted to the crust forever lining my plea
Curse me with your husk as I bleed
Veins fused and overwhelming
Simply I die in the thousandth design
Seeking life yet merely wasting time.

Praised as the myth.
Ominous bears the complacency of this void.
Screeching whiteness in a non-ending sense.
Spread eagle on the mirrored floor
Wondrous begets helplessness.
Ignorance yields the tired, straining mind.
An infectious voyage throughout life's own spine.
Leper; I heed at your call.
Sleeper; I watch your dead eyes as you dream.
Track Name: Father of the Sky
Shall we let the sky decide?
Extensions of it’s skin pierce my face.
A dry dead night would end thine pain.
Yet there she stands and your life stream flows through my hands.
She remains to wither away her blistering fate while the sky demands.
There is no point in life if for nothing is how you stand.

I hear him as if he spoke with glee
​​I see him now with a wretched smile that forms from the tired clouds.
I will taste his heart.

There is a being who rules above.
No strings attached except unfathomed love.
Faceless, as it cries it rains.
Feeding and scrounging for a heaping sacrifice.
Nameless, as it screams it’s lightning strikes.
No less we mustn’t mistake this god for an abomination.

The timid girl shouts and digs her festered nails into the dirt.
Walls of filth.
Mud surrounds her as I tower above and laugh maniacally.
I will not be contained.
Yet still the rain doesn’t cease to pour upon the earth.
Oh lord, what could ruin such a night?


A metal rod stuck in the dirt.
To strike her down and prove her worth.
I fall to my knees and I praise her.
Another woman beside me; my daughter.
She lies deceased.
“Father will you please bring her back to me?
I swear to always be true.
If I pierce her through she’ll become a new form of herself.”

I hear him as if he spoke with glee.
I see him now with a wretched smile that forms from the tired clouds.
I will taste his heart.

Our father sends part of himself to resuscitate her from a hell like state of death.
Her eyes, those eyes I used to know.
They open wide.
Her pupils glow.


She looks alive but is surely still entombed.
This precious body that once belonged to my own kin.
Has been preserved with sin.

And yet another soul reclaimed her for it’s own.
“Fool. Have you forgotten my eternal rule?
The dead you used to love is a shell from my design.
Her body will do fine.
A piece of her is left alive as long as you survive.
Here you die.”
It’s mouth extends past it’s natural length.
Demon like in its efforts, its jawbone surely breaks.
A shrill flies past my face.
It’s blast is deafening.
Sending my skin so far away.
Track Name: Asperital Thicket Part 1: Ever Insidious
Drown in surreptitious waters
Softly beckon thine martyr
Seduced into horrors
House my curse, she lays immersed
Smitten by tongues ever insidious
A supple one who knows not of my worst

Prior to his distinguished birth
Wondrous is the life
So eager to fulfill our pleasures so grim
I tilt the head back, I breathe in deep as if to obsess myself with him.
My nostrils flare to the pungent aura left by my bride.
Could she have known what I intended of her precious insides.

Dispose the womb
Cover her eyes
Disgrace the sloth
Raise the sacred prize
Unworthy as the one he's lost.

Oh Dreamer, you'll gaze your death away
Just as our son is mine to sway
A picture painted of a fetid life on display
Oh lover, the only love we shared was plastered 'tween your legs
An open orifice for me to lay my eggs
Alas, he's mine to mold
With pride I'll provide a foul serenade

Throughout ten years
Abuse and fear covet his life; not so dear
I raise them all to be these lifeless pawns
Retracting all of their freewill
A test for those who know no wrong
"My son, you'll enter the forest to slay them all"
With a grin as sharp as my blade
The dagger falls from my hand to his
"They will attempt to kill you first.... be sure to allure them to quench this thirst"
I wait until his footsteps clear from the night air before I begin to laugh so rabidly

Tonight! I'll pick the victim who possess' hellish wisdom
The air shocks my lungs; a frigid system problematic for the scene I have envisioned
This thicket's ascended into a burial ground for the children so pathetic

"In this field, you die!"

A war within these sullen woods
This once green haven transformed

He is the one
Howl at the trees
Blood is scattered upon cadavers and the bladed grass
He is the one
What shall he be?
A useful puppet that will precede me

The child lunges forth to engorge in the killing of his god
Track Name: Asperital Thicket Part 2: Malice Shall Guide
Helpless once again, I wait until the last footstep clears from the night air before I start to sob.

These days feel as if they are the last I will ever see and not only do they seem endless they are exhausting.

The older I grow the more it shows that I will no longer be fit for living this horrid life.

The tattered walls around me symbolize an existence I've always wished to have and not despise.

They may be worn but can't be torn not even apart by scold, they'll forever hold.

Together each brick will never leave each other purposely and indefinitely they have a purpose.

Dreaming to become a wall is lower than I have ever felt before.

To take this frustration and aim it at myself is not what I have in store.

To the cosmos I'm allured

In this time, I'll embrace my own death
For I will jab. I will slice. I will stab.

What has made my sadness sing.

Lullabies for the dead reside inside my punctured wounds while left aching.

Scream from within these songs become alive with malevolence.

Whispering their sweet eulogies

A sacrificial plea

Unholy Sympathies.

A reflection on the floor becomes a tool to use, only to be rid of your ghastly presence.

Leave my cell of morbid thoughts to carry with me and dart towards my overlord.

With thoughts of death on my mind I unflinchingly aim to create a worthless corpse.

Now to face the final moment; I grab his neck and the mirror comes forth

Just before I slit his throat I witness an image of whom I am absolutely sure.

Track Name: Elixir of Seriah
Yet the light beckons this sweet brutality.
Forceful eyes sit and gaze upon thee.
To sit and face the once godlike and selfish greed.
A determined warrior soul-stained with glee.

In his eyes an inferno howls praise to the diction of life he calmly creates.
Not a life or a lie could comprehend to conquer
Not a sin shifted eye betwixt traitors slander.
A woman a night, a woman deemed worthy to taste the perfection, yes the very one they've all been searching
Impious in nature and cruel, could it be?
A man deemed fit to reign as an exalted king.

A death so divine, stuck frozen in time.
Oh to leave with your sight gone awry.
Such bliss, devotion, sinister admiration.
For our hate made a potion.

However will we know that this twisted elixir as come into existence.
Surely he will show me a night of which I wish to forget
Forget his pride
All you've ever wanted is at the cost of his life.

"Oh Seriah, this gift is most welcome, to the throne, you shall sit for your praise.
I have looked past you, for that I apologize...
Tonight you need not worry for your body is mine."

Feet flutter fast as we walk to the corridor seeping death.
Hearts that pulse to the rhythm of the forthcoming mess.
I enter his silken chambers, riches beyond my foolish fantasies.
I sit on his yearning deathbed, a potion for only I to see.

"Oh god, this life is now complete!"

Drink, drink every drop.
Until you feel life begone and your veins tear away at your very essence true.
Fade, fade into grey.
This bloodstream appears spreading throughout his undoubtedly useless body.

This soul no more. No more.